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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Susan Sizemore: PRIMES

Author: Susan Sizemore
Series: PRIMES 
Plot Type: SMR
Ratings: V4, S4, H2
Publisher and Titles: Pocket Star:
     I Burn for You (2003)
     I Thirst for You (2004)
     “A Touch of Harry” in The Shadows of Christmas Past anthology (2004)
     I Hunger for You (2005)
     Crave the Night (Pocket, 2005), a collection of the first three books
     Master of Darkness (2006)
     Primal Heat (2006)
     Primal Desires (2007)
     Primal Needs (2008)
     Primal Instincts (2010)

     In the newest PRIMES installment (Primal Instincts), Tobias, an arrogant, macho Prime (Is there any other kind?), meets and mates with Francesca ("Flare"), an equally arrogant, but quite feminine, Reynard clan princessand the sparks really do "flare" up. The battles with the Purists continue, and some mysterious relationships are revealed, but the focus is, of course, on the couple's developing relationship.

     If you haven't been reading this series, here is a brief synopsis: The vampires in PRIMES are not undead; they have simply evolved separately from mortals. Their matriarchal world is divided into three social strata: Clans, Families, and Tribes, with the Clans at the top as the primary protectors of mortals. Clan members take special medications that allow them sun and garlic immunity and the ability to eat regular food so that they can blend into the mortal world. The Families are the “middle class,” and the lawless Tribes are at the bottom of the heap.

     In each group, adult males are called Primes, meaning that they are the “alphas,” with designated cultural responsibilities, special strengths, and seemingly insatiable sexual appetites and unbelievable arrogance and machismo. The vampires—particularly the women—live within a net of strict rules that regulate all aspects of their lives.

     Each book follows the soul-mate relationship of one couple—usually a vampire Prime and a human woman with some type of psychic ability. Most of the supernaturals are vampires, but by book 4, shape-shifters (called werefolk) join the cast of characters. The same set of vamps and weres make up the core group of characters for the series, playing starring roles as they find their soul mates and taking supporting roles in other books.

     Several story lines wind together throughout the series, including Tribe vampires selling drugs, neo-Nazi werewolves trying to start a revolution against both vampires and mortals, mortals doing scientific experiments on kidnapped vampires, and fanatical vampire hunters (Purists) trying to destroy immortals. Each book ends with one or two battles won, but the really bad guys always escape, so the final resolution is still ahead.

1 comment:

  1. I also have the following listed as part of the series:

    Primes 06.5 SS – “Tempting Fate” in the MOON FEVER Anthology (Jon Coyote & Desiree)

    Primes 08 – Dark Stranger (General Matthias "Doc" Raven [Vampire] & Zoe Pappas [Heir to Byzant Throne])