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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Here is the latest news about the future of the GODS OF THE NIGHT series from Nina Bangs. In a recent posting on her Facebook page, Bangs says: "I've received a lot of e-mails asking about my GODS OF THE NIGHT series. Here's where things stand as of right now. I'm trying to write Rap's story at the same time that I write Wicked Whispers. I don't have a contract for Rap's story. The publisher chose not to continue with the series, but I can't leave readers hanging. So I'll be self-publishing several more GODS OF THE NIGHT books because I know how much I hate it when a series end prematurely. I'm hoping to be finished with Rap's story around May. Yes, I do have a contract for several more CASTLE OF DARK DREAMS books, and I'm trying to find time to write a proposal for a new series. The new series will be dark since that's what publishers seem to want now. Can we say stressed?" 

     If you haven't been reading GODS OF THE NIGHT, click HERE to go to my review. This is a solid paranormal romance series, and it would be a shame for it to end before we get all of the predators' stories and learn just how their leader (Fin) fits into the whole situation. Personally, Fin is my favorite character, and I was looking forward to reading his full story. Kudos to Nina Bangs for plunging ahead into the self-publishing world. How ironic is it that the publisher pulled out this year since the series is based on the Mayan 2012 end times mythology?


  1. I don't care that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. This is a sci-fi book anyway, it doesn't have to be completely reality based. This is a good series and deserves to be seen through to the end.

    1. I'm behind you 100%, I love this series more than any other ones she writes....besides several authorities have stated that the "end" date of the Myan calendar may be off just a bit...who knows? I'm not reading these books for reality, nor I suspect is anyone else. Go NINA.

  2. I've been waiting and waiting for the next book in this series!
    Am excited to know that you will continue with it~
    By the way did I tell you that I've been waiting for this??


  3. This series is definitely my favorite. I've gotten out of reading for the past few years but I'll go back and read these three just because I love them so much. It really would be a shame to have this series discontinued.

    I can't wait until Leo's story specifically. I keep trying to imagine how he'd meet the person he pairs with and I'm always imagining that they love swimming and suddenly they'll see this dinosaur in the water with them and freak. Haha

  4. I love this series! I am behind you 100%! We have to see complete justice done for Tor!

  5. I love this series to and I am wondering when the next one will come out

  6. No wonder! I've been waiting and waiting and couldn't figure out why she kept writing about the other wicked series but not on this one. Definitely liked these series better and who cares about the Mayan timeline? We're pretending we understand what people from a long time ago wrote or predicted. We could be off by a few years -- at least until the series is complete! I can't wait for Fin's story!

  7. I am 100% behind you. Hi Nina. I'm always trying to see if there are any more books. I love all the predators. Please hurry. Really excited to hear you will continue the series. I'm 59 years old and don't want to leave this world without knowing how they all met their soul mates.

  8. Love God's of night series please please your public wants More