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Monday, January 7, 2013

Top Ten Paranormal Romance Novels of 2012

On March 8, 2016, I updated this post by adding the following links to my "Best of the Year" lists for the years 2010 through 2015. Just click on any of the pink-links below to go directly to each list: 

Below is the original post for the Top Ten Paranormal Romance Novels of 2012:

     It's time once again to highlight the best paranormal romance novels that I read and reviewed during the previous 12 months. Here are two lists that contain my picks for the Top Ten Paranormal Romance Novels of 2012 and the Top Five Paranormal Romance Series That Ended in 2012.

     Authors are listed in alphabetical order within each of the two lists, and each entry includes a quotation from my review. Click on a "pink link" to go directly to my review for any given series. Each review post includes a chronological list of titles in the series, an overview of the world-building, and reviews of the books to date.

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Top Ten Paranormal Romance Novels of 2012

>>Jeaniene Frost’s Once Burned, the first book in her NIGHT HUNTRESS spin-off series, NIGHT PRINCE, in which the fiery Vlad Tepesh takes over as the lead character and woos his electrically charged soulmate, Leila. In my review, I wrote, "Vlad continues to be an inimitably watchable character as he makes cold-blooded decisions but still manages to come across as a good guy."

>>Thea Harrison’s Oracle’s Moon, the fourth book in her ELDER RACES series, in which the arrogant Djinn prince, Khalil, is humbled by his soulmate, Grace, the titular Oracle. In my review, I wrote, "Kudos to the author for a wild, multi-dimensional love scene that is unlike any I've ever read—very inventive. (Who knew that djinns had that kind of talent?)."

>>Rhiannon Held’s Silver, the first book in her fresh and inventive SILVER series, in which Andrew, the werewolf enforcer, captures and falls for the emotionally damaged Silver. In my review, I wrote, "If you're looking for a fresh and inventive take on the werewolf culture seen through the eyes of its two damaged lead characters, I recommend that you give this one a try."

>>Joey W. Hill’s In the Company of Witches, the second book in her ARCANE SHOT series, in which Mikhael dominates the submissive Raina as they achieve their HEA. In my review, I wrote, "This series is actually what the best-selling series SHADES OF GREY aspires to be—but GREY is a pale imitation of ARCANE SHOT because no one writes dom-sub romance fiction like Joey W. Hill."           

>>Larissa Ione’s Lethal Rider, third book in her LORDS OF DELIVERANCE series in which Thanatos and Regan get back together as they try to keep their baby safe from Pestilence. In my review, I wrote, "Ione writes in such a natural manner, effortlessly juxtaposing sarcastically humorous conversations with scenes of blood-and-guts ferocity."   

>>Laurie London’s Seduced by Blood, the fifth novel in her SWEETBLOOD series in which Tristan and Roxanne begin as play-acting lovers, but then fall hard for each other. In my review, I wrote, "The protagonists are both smart and tough, but they're also vulnerable because of the pain of past events in their lives." 

>>Hanna Martine’s Liquid Lies, first book in her ELEMENTALS series in which Reed kidnaps Gwen and falls head over heels in love with his captive. In my review, I wrote, "With its fresh and inventive mythology and compelling story line, this is a well-constructed novel, with smart, tough, sympathetic protagonists."
>>Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Storm, fifth novel in her GUILD HUNTER series in which Jason and Mahlya fall in love while trying to solve a murder. In my review, I wrote, "I always look forward to the new books in this series, and this new twist will add welcome complexity to the series story arc."           

>>Gena Showalter’s The Darkest Seduction, the eighth book in her LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD series in which Paris finally gets together with Sienna. In my review, I wrote, "This long-awaited love story is quite satisfying, with plenty of anguished interior monologues...and lots of emotional and physical suffering—just to make the happy ending worthwhile."           

>>Rachel Vincent’s Shadow Bound, the second book in her UNBOUND TRILOGY in which Kori is blackmailed into trying to bind Ian to her dastardly boss, but falls in love with him instead. In my review, I wrote, "You must keep tabs on every story thread, no matter how unimportant it may seem, because some of those threads are actually the very plot points that lead to the climax and resolution of this intricately devised novel."


Top Five Paranormal Romance Series That Ended in 2012

Five enormously popular paranormal romance series ended in 2012. Over the years, each gave us strong story lines, well-developed characters, and plenty of angst.

>>Ilona Andrews' wonderful series, THE EDGE, in which we meet the Edgers, caught between the mortal and the magical realms. This series isn't your typical paranormal romance. It's been described as both rustic fantasy and a modern-day fairy tale. In my review, I wrote, "Don't worry about the label. Just enjoy this great series for its fully developed characters, action-filled plots, and—most of all for its fresh, inventive world-building."

>>Kelley Armstrong’s OTHERWORLD series, with its stories of strong otherworldly women and their sexy mates: In my review, I wrote, "Each couple’s obstacle-strewn romantic story is told in the context of many suspenseful and danger-filled adventures."            

>>Christina Dodd’s THE CHOSEN ONES series, with its fresh and inventive mythology and passionate couples: In my review, I wrote, "Dodd definitely has a skilled hand when it comes to writing paranormal romances."           

>>Larissa Ione's LORDS OF DELIVERANCE:, with its demon-possessed heroes and the women who love them.  In my review, I wrote, "The plot has...damsel-in-distress and angst-ridden hero/heroine moments,...and the interplay among the demonic "brothers" is both entertaining and poignant."           

>>Angela Knight’s MAGEVERSE series, with its Arthurian characters and strong series story arc: In my review, I wrote, "This is an action-filled conclusion to a terrific series. The build-up to the final battle is full of suspense and tragedy, and the romance is fiery, angst-filled, and graphically portrayed."

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