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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ione, Larissa: DEMONICA

Author:  Ione, Larissa
Series:  DEMONICA 
Plot Type:  SMR
Ratings:  V5, S4, H3
Publisher and Titles:  Forever

      Pleasure Unbound (2008)
      Desire Unchained (2009)
      Passion Unleashed (2009)
      Ecstasy Unveiled (2010)
      Sin Undone (2010) (FINAL)

     The series follows the adventures of a group of demon brothers as they fight for the good of the world and find their soul mates along the way. The brothers run the Underworld General Hospital (UGH) beneath the streets of New York City where they care for members of the supernatural world, particularly demons—who come in dozens of colors, shapes, sizes, personalities, and violence levels.

     The series follows the havoc created by the bad-seed brother, whose actions eventually lead to an Armageddon-like battle between good and evil. Characters include human demon slayers, fallen angels, vampires, and many types of demons. Each book begins with a glossary of demonic terms, and Passion Unleashed ends with a forty-page addendum titled Demonica: A Demon Compendium, which describes in detail the types of demons, the hospital, and the key players in the DEMONICA world, and ends with a short-story prequel. The books should be read in sequence, but the reader may wish to read the Demon Compendium and the prequel first. 

     Ione has recently added two DEMONICA-related pages to her web site. Click HERE for a link to the author's on-line Demon CompendiumClick HERE to read Demonica: Overkill, Snippets of Demonic Life, which is a collection of free short stories about various DEMONICA characters.

          BOOK 5:  Sin Undone          
     The fifth and final book tells the love story of Sinead (Sin), the long-lost sister of the brothers who are the series heroes, and Conall, a dhampyre (half-werewolf, half-vampire). The couple has a historya single heart-stopping sexual encounter. Since Sin is reponsible for a plague that is killing werewolves, several individuals and groups are out to kill her. The couple must elude the killers while they iron out their past misunderstandings and get down to serious soul mate business (i.e., up-close, lustful sexual encounters).

     Sin Undone introduces the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Ione has a related series (LORDS OF DELIVERANCE) in which they are the heroes. The first book in that series is Eternal Rider, in which Ares, otherwise known as War, is the leading character. Click HERE to go to my review of the LORDS OF DELIVERANCE series.

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