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Friday, December 24, 2010

Carolyn Jewel: MY IMMORTAL

Author: Carolyn Jewel
Plot Type: SMR
Ratings: V-4, S4-5, H-2
Publisher and Titles: Grand Central
      My Wicked Enemy (2008)
      My Forbidden Desire (2009)
      My Immortal Assassin (2011)
      My Dangerous Pleasure (2011)

     The newest book in this seriesMy Dangerous Pleasurehas been published, and a review of that book follow this brief synopsis of the series so far:

    In this world, witches and fiends (aka demons, aka Kin) are bitter enemies. Even knowing this fact, we are still unsurprised to find that many of the books in this series feature a witch-fiend pair falling in love and following the rocky road to a happy soul-mate ending. 

     The villains are the magesdiabolically powerful magic users who gain power by binding hapless fiends to them, thereby harnessing the fiends' magical powers and super strength.  A fiend bound this way is called mageheld and must obey every horrific order from his mage master. The mages are always on the lookout for talismansrelics that contain the living spirits of fiends.

     If a mage performs a blood ceremony, he can drain a talisman of its fiendish power and absorb it into himself. Needless to say, the fiends want to keep every talisman out of the hands of the mages.  And also needless to say, each witch (at least in the first two books) has possession of a talisman. 

     In My Wicked Enemy, the warlord Nikodemus hunts down Carson to kill her and steal her talisman. Instead, of course, they fall in love as she comes into her witch powers, and the two of them defeat the mage who had imprisoned Carson since childhood. This book is on the high side of the sensuality ratings due to the blood lust scenes and a threesome scene.

     In My Forbidden Desire, Xia (who was mageheld in book 1) is assigned to protect Alexandrine, a witch with a talisman. Xia hates all witches, but, in short order, he falls in love with Alexandrine as she develops her powers, and the two of them defeat the mage that had bound Xia. 

    My Immortal Assassin follows Durian (who was free, then mageheld, then free again in previous books) and Grayson, a  human who absorbs Kin powers after a villainous Mage (Christophe) kidnaps her and forces her to submit to impregnation by one of his magehelds.

     In My Dangerous Pleasure, Iskander and Paisley (his human tenant) get together when she is brutally attacked by a mage. Paisley is minding her own business running her bake shop when the mage Rasmus Kessler begins stalking her, telling her that she must be his lover forever.  When he destroys all of her earthly possessions, she moves in with Iskander. At first, Iskander thinks that Paisley is a "vanilla" human (i.e., that she has no magical talents), but eventually, he begins to suspect that Paisley may well have some magic in herand he's absolutely right. But where the magic comes from is the mystery. This story has less external plot than the previous books and more focus on the romantic couple. As usual, there are plenty of sensual bedroom scenes, with some of them involving Iskander in his demonic formalways kind of stomach-churning. This book contains the climactic scene in which Iskander's relationship with his blood-twin, Fen, is resolved once and for all.

     This is an interesting series, with a fresh premise and unusual supernatural beings as the good guys, but it does have the usual alpha male heroes and spunky, sassy heroines. If you enjoy paranormal romance series, this is a good one. Each book involves a variety of mage-fiend battles, but the fiends seem to be getting stronger now, and better able to defend themselves. By the time we get to My Dangerous Pleasure, Nicodemus has built up quite an efficient and well-run empire, and Carson and Alexandrine are rescuing mage-helds left and right. I advise you to read the series from the beginning so that you can appreciate the growth and change within the fiend community. (I never thought I would ever use the phrase "fiend community" in a sentence!)

     On her web site, Jewel has posted a free, on-line short story from the MY IMMORTAL WORLD entitled Future Tense. She also has a MY IMMORTAL SERIES page that provides history and background for the series. If you click on a book title on that page, you'll find a brief biography of the hero and heroine of the book, and sometimes there is a free chapter.

This blog entry was last updated on 6/6/2011. 

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