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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Author: Sarah McCarty
Plot Type: SMR
Ratings: V5; S5; H2
Publisher and Titles: Berkley Sensation:
      Caleb (2009)
      Jared (2010)
      Jace (2011)
      Slade (2011)

     This blog entry was revised and updated on 1/19/12 to include a review of the fourth book in the series: Slade. That review follows this summary of the series so far:

     This is an erotica series that tells the soul-mate stories of four Texan brothersmodern-day cowboy vampires. Centuries ago, when the eldest, Caleb, was on the point of dying, he was turned into a vampire. Because he couldn't bear to leave his brothers behind, he turned them too: Jared, Jace, and Slade. Now the men live on a ranch (the Circle J) and have formed alliances with two werewolf packs. In each book, a brother meets and mates with his one and only love. The villains of the series are members of the Sanctuary, a fanatical group of vampires who believe that they should be the sole rulers of all vampires and werewolves. The Sanctuary routinely kidnaps female vamps and female werewolves and tries to impregnate them in an attempt to gain control over future generations.

     In book 1, Caleb is forced to turn Allie into a vampire after they are attacked by rogue werewolves. Unfortunately, Allie cannot consume blood from anyone but her mateand that, of course, turns out to be Caleb. Since female vampires are rare, Allie is an object of interest for the Sanctuary. The plot revolves around the progression of the romance and the blood problem, with interruptions for some Sanctuary trickery.

     Book 2 begins with Jared's discovery of a young vampire female in the wilderness between the Circle J and the Sanctuary.  As the romance between Jared and Raisa develops, he discovers that she has some deep secrets that may put herselfand his familyin danger.  Once again, the Sanctuary is at the root of their problems, and once again, Raisa can only tolerate her mate's blood.

     In book 3, Jace must rescue his werewolf mate (Miri) and their baby (Faith) from Sanctuary imprisonment. Being a vampire, Jace has a hard time getting the local werewolves to accept his mating with one of their pack members.

     In book 4, Slade, the science/technology-obsessed brother, meets his match in the brilliant and feisty Jane Frederickson, who is a genetic researcher at a laboratory with Sanctuary connections (but she knows nothing about vampires or werewolves). Just as the Sanctuary goons are about to grab Jane up and carry her away, Slade sweeps in to rescue/kidnap her. After a few battles with Sanctuary vamps and werewolves, Jane is convinced that supernatural beings do exist and that some of them are better—a lot better—than others (Slade, in particular). Slade and his family want Jane on their side so that she can find a cure for the terminal illness that has struck Joseph, Caleb and Allison's infant son—the first known child to be born a vampire. Naturally enough, Jane doesn't take well to being kidnapped, although she is sympathetic to their reasons for needing her expertise.  After continually refusing to accept the fact that she is Slade's mate, Jane has a moment of epiphany when Slade lays down his life for her and nearly dies. At that point, she does a complete turn around on the whole mating-forever idea, guaranteeing an HEA for the happy couple. 

     In general, the stories focus on the ups and downs of the various romances, with more downs than ups most of the time. The plots serve primarily as breaks in the romantic cycle, and the characters are fairly shallow: handsome, chest-thumping alpha males and smart, sassy (but sexually submissive) femalesall rather interchangeable. In general, most of the arguments and disagreements between each pair of mates is solvedif only temporarilywith a thorough sexual workout. All of the main characters have loads of emotional problems that they must work through (sometimes at tedious length). Lots of trust issues and self-esteem qualms: Does he/she love me for myself or is it just because of the blood match-up? Every other scene is a bedroom (or kitchen, or living room, or cave) sex scene, so if you like that type of paranormal fiction, you'll enjoy this series. 


  1. Congrats Sarah you done it well., the story was so scary but it was so cool.. i really like it..
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  2. I love the series it kept me on the edge of my bed......the fourth book was a great next chapter of the series...can't wait for the next...

  3. Love this series! :) Although it was left unfinished. I hope you plan on writing at least one more and finish off the bad vamps for good and give Derick a happy ending.

  4. Can anyone tell me if there will be any more books in the above series? Hope so as it was left unfinished we need to know what happens to the baby as least PLEASE don't leave us hanging

  5. Read the fourth book can't wait for the next one...I just love a well written book....It's these kinds of books I can read over and over again and enjoy it every time please let me know when the next one comes out ...I need to know what happens next....good job!

  6. One of the best paranormal series out there. I can't wait to read Derek, Creed, Ian and especially Tobias stories. The heroine's are strong willed and the Johnson brothers know how to love and protect their women. I love the facts that Ms. McCarty gave us on the vampires past and how she smoothly brought us from one book into the next in the series, I am waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the rest of the series.