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Friday, June 10, 2011


Author: Vivi Andrews
Ratings: V2; S4-5; H4
Publisher and Titles: Samhain
     The Ghost Exterminator (novella: e-book, 2009; print, 2010)
     The Sexorcist (novel: e-book, 2010; print, 2011)
     The Naked Detective (novella: e-book, 11/2010)
     "A Cop & a Feel" (short story: 7/2011)
     Naughty Karma (novel: TBA)   

     According to the author's website, "All of my books can be read independently, but characters from previous books make appearances in later books in each series." To avoid spoilers, this is her recommended reading order. The books were first published as e-books, but some are now being published in print.

     The series is tied together by Karmic Consultants, an agency that provides assistance in solving supernatural problems of all kinds, including demonic possession, ghosts, finding lost objects, and seeing the future. No matter what supernatural problem is complicating your life, Karmic Consultants has an expert who can help you.

     "The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist Accountant": Lucy Cartwright is a medium who helps the newly dead find their way to the next world. At the moment, however, she attracting hordes of horny ghosts because she is so sexually frustrated. The only way to make the ghosts disappear is for Lucy to be sexually satisfied. Jake Cox is the brother of Karma, the owner and manger of Karmic Consultants. Jake is a private investigator, and he needs Lucy's help on a murder case. Karma has had a vision that the ghost of the murdered man will be visiting Lucy that evening, so Jake and Lucy, who are sexually attracted to one another, must wait for the ghost. The kicker is that Lucy must remain horny to attract the ghost. What a dilemma!

    The Ghost Exterminator: Jo Banks, another Karmic employee, is a ghost exterminator. Wyatt Haines, the wealthy and handsome owner of a chain of resorts, hires Jo to de-ghost his new Victorian inn.  At first, Wyatt doesn't really believe in ghosts, but he soon changes his tune when two of them get inside his body and begin to haunt him. Jo has to figure out why her ghost-banishing skills have suddenly stopped working so that she can unhaunt Wyatt and get rid of the rest of the ghosts in the inn.

     The Sexorcist: Brittany Hylton-VanDeere, a socialite with a complicated medical history, wants to make it on her own and become independent of her over-protective parents, so she applies for the job of secretary at Karmic Consultants. When she meets Luis Rodriguez, the agency's exorcist, she's pretty sure that she has found her soul mate. Luis, however, thinks that Brittany is a flighty air head. Brittany's first Karmic job is to solve all of the problems that have come up with Lucy and Jake's wedding plans. After a mischief demon almost causes Brittany to have an automobile accident, Karma assigns Luis to guard Brittany until after the wedding. The Karmic crew soon realizes that the demon has been summoned by someone who wants to obstruct the wedding plans, and it's Luis and Brittany's job to track down the demon and banish him.

     The Naked Detective: Ciara Liung is a finder of lost objects who is more at home in water than on land. She works for Karmic Consultants and does contract work for the FBI. Ciara's new FBI handler, Special Agent Nathan Smith, is outraged to find that he has been assigned to babysit a psychic nut job, especially when he finds out that her specialty is locating stolen jewelsbut only when she is totally naked. The two are sent to Atlantic City to recover a ruby necklace, and, naturally, lusty adventures ensue.

     This is a light, funny, sexy series that would make great beach reading. The characters are developed just enough to carry the stories along. You won't find pages and pages of angsty meditations in this series. Sometimes the characters have second thoughts, but they're soon off to the next actionwhich is frequently a lengthy bedroom scene. Each couple, of course, gets their HEA ending.

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