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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Seven Deadly Heroines"

And don't forget Anita Blake
(especially in the first
5 books of the series
when she was hunting
down vampires
before she
started bedding them).
     The June 2012 issue of RT Book Reviews has a great article entitled "Lady Killers," in which the author (Audrey Goodson) selects her top seven deadly heroines, four of whom are the leads in current urban fantasy series. Goodson says, "Tough girls are popping up everywhere, from the most surreal realms of science fiction to Regency ballrooms. And in the romance arena, alpha men are meeting their match in women who can go toe to toe in the bedroom and on the battlefield."

     If you truly love urban fantasy, you may also want to click HERE to check out my 12-step plan for transforming yourself into a UF heroine.

      Here are the UF heroines who are among Goodson's top picks. As always, click on the pink series titles to read my reviews of the series:

   >    Max , from the HORNGATE WITCHES series, by Diana Pharaoh Francis

   >    Elena Deveraux , from the GUILD HUNTER series, by Nalini Singh

   >    Kate Daniels , from the KATE DANIELS series, by Ilona Andrews

   >    Cat Crawford , from the NIGHT HUNTRESS series, by Jeaniene Frost

In addition to her top picks, Goodson suggests a few more killer UF heroines:

   >    Alex , from the ALEX CRAFT series, by Kalayna Price

   >    Joan , from No Proper Lady in the ENGLEFIELD series, by Isabel Cooper

   >    Evy Stone , from the DREG CITY series, by Kelly Meding

   >    Merit , from CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRE series, by Chloe Neill

     Goodman closes by saying, "Today's heroines are pitted against some pretty terrifying villains, from sadistic serial killers to a creepy parade of paranormal creatures. That may be one reason why such heroines are a particular trademark of urban fantasy: Any woman who manages to survive such a ghoulish range of threats has to be tough."

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