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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Author: Karen Kelley
Series: Princes of Symtaria
Plot Type: SMR
Ratings: V-3, S-4, H-3
Publisher and Titles: Brava
       The Jaguar Prince (2010)
       The Falcon Prince (2010)
       The Wolf Prince (2010)       

     Each book follows the same general plot: Modern American girl is minding her own business in her somewhat dissatisfying life when she meets up with a naked sexy man who wants her to take her back to his planet. Just your average romantic relationship, right?  

     In The Jaguar Prince, Callie Jordan works in a petting zoo, but she yearns for the job of animal keeper of the big cats, specifically the female jaguar, Sheba.  Callie’s adventures begin one night at the zoo when she encounters an uncaged male jaguar who suddenly turns into a handsome (naked) man who introduces himself as Prince Rogar Vlakyir of New Symtaria. When Rogar appears later in her bedroom, he tells her a seemingly preposterous tale of a planet that is populated by humanesque beings (like himself) who can shift into various animal shapes. To top it all off, Rogar claims that Callie herself is half Symtarian—and a shifter, too. The rest of the book follows their adventures as Callie tries to cope with her new knowledge about her genetic structure and fights (but not too hard) her lustful attraction to Rogar. Additionally, the couple must contend with attacks from Zerod, a psychotic Symtarian who hates half-bloods and wants them all dead.  Eventually, all of the mysteries of Callie’s past are revealed, and she must decide whether to stay on earth or go with Rogar to New Symtaria. 

     The Falcon Prince (Kristor and Rianna) and The Wolf Prince (Surlok and Darcey) tell the similar SMR stories of two other Symtarian princes and their earthborn sweethearts.

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