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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Marta Acosta: CASA DRACULA

Author: Marta Acosta
Plot Type: CH
Ratings: V3, S4, H4
Publisher and Titles:  
      Happy Hour at Casa Dracula (Pocket, 2006)
      Midnight Brunch (Pocket, 2007)
      The Bride of Casa Dracula (Pocket, 2008)
      Haunted Honeymoon (Gallery, 2010)

     Milagro de los Santos is a frustrated writer, taking advertising jobs to pay the rent while she works on her novels.  When she accidentally shares blood with Oswald Grant, a handsome vampire, her life changes completely. It seems that Milagro is the only human ever to survive vampire infection.  Soon, Milagro is running for her lifeaway from her ex-boyfriend Sebastian, who wants to use her body for various horrendous experiments, and toward a possible life with Oswald.

     Other possible love interests, however, do turn up, including the sexy and powerful vampire lord, Ian Ducharme. Oswald and his family see themselves not as vampires but as people with a "condition"an enzyme deficiency that can be controlled only through ingesting excessive amounts of protein, specifically red foods supplemented by blood. The high sensuality rating is related to the bloodletting (with scalpelsthey don't have fangs) that occurs during sexual scenes.  

     Plots involve various attempts to kidnap Milagro for the special qualities of her blood.  Book 1 centers on events that follow the too-passionate kiss between Milagro and Oswald, including Milagro's adventures as she avoids Sebastian, meets Oswald's family, and gets used to her new "condition."  

     Book 2 follows Milagro as she goes off to a resort on a screen-writing job that turns out to be more than she bargained for.  Book 3 finds Milagro preparing for her wedding to Oswald and becoming frustrated by crazy wedding coordinators, the Vampire Council, and her growing attraction to Ian.  In book 4 (the final book), Milagro gets jealous of Ian's relationship with a sexy neighbor, loses her memory, has regrets about leaving Oswald, and winds up in a happily-ever-after endingjust as we always knew she would.

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