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Monday, March 19, 2012

Gena Showalter's "Dating the Undead"

Authors: Gena Showalter & Jill Monroe
Title: Dating the Undead: Loving the Immortal Man
Publisher: Harlequin, 2012

     This hilarious parody is a take-off on slick magazines like Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan—from the snarky articles to the cutesy recipes to the dead-on advertisements. If you love paranormal fiction, you’ll laugh out loud as you page through this book. Yes, it is a book, although it looks just like a magazine. Click HERE to go to the "Dating the Undead" web site for a preview.

     One of the highlights is a section entitled “Real-Life Lords of the Underworld,” in which twelve hunky male models pose as the twelve Lords from Showalter’s venerable series. Each Lord has a full page, bare-chested photograph with a side-bar of biographical details.

     And don’t miss the ads, which are absolutely perfect parodies of their near-namesakes in tone, layout, and message. Here are some examples, although you really have to see them to appreciate them to the fullest: Coffin Klein; G’Oreal (He may be dead—but you’re not); Pepto Dismal;; U.P.T. Pregnancy Test (indicates the species of the expected bundle of joy); Howlex (wristwatches for werewolves and vampires); Devlon nail polish (in devilish colors); Jimmy Chew shoes; ReCover Girl (to hide your vamp bites); L.L. Brain (clothing to wear when you run with the wolves); and Zombitos (in four zombie-lovin’ flavors: Original, Barbecue, Carrion, and Brain Matter).

     Also included is a fiction treat: the first two chapters of Showalter’s newest LORDS novel, The Darkest Seduction. This is Paris’ story—the one we’ve been dying to read for years. Click HERE to read my reviews of the most recent LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD installments.

Here are the titles of some of the articles:

Otherworldly Beauty:
     “Beauty Secrets You Can’t Afford to Miss: Look Eternally Fresh All Day, Even When You’re Howling the Night Away”

     “Strangers in the Night: Who are They—And What Do They Really Want?”

General Articles about Him & Her (& It):
     “Why, Oh Why, Do We Love THEM So? Nine Reasons We Crave Immortals”

     "Couple Cravings Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes to Date a Creature of ‘Myth’?”

     “Laws of Attraction: Species-by-Species Secrets for Making Him Your Otherworldly One-and-Only”

     “When the Other Woman Is Immortal: Make Sure He Only Has Fangs for YOU by Knowing the Enemy”

     “Blood Stains on His Collar, Doritos in His Bed: Is Your Immortal Just a Little Bit…Immoral?”

     “Howlin’ Hot Fashion Makeovers That Take Him from Frightening to Fashionable”

A Guy's View:
     “Zombie Jack’s Turn: Our Favorite ‘Sensitive Zombie’ Offers a Guy’s-eye View of Life with Your Immortal”

Health and Fitness:
     “Happy, Healthy Afterlife: You Are What You Eat (Or What Eats You)—So It Pays to Think Before You Eat

Financial Advice:
     “Dragon Gold and Angel Dust: How to Get and Keep Your Own Eternal Cha-Ching”

     “Off the Set with the Real Vampires of Vegas”

     “Undead and Well-Read: What’s Hot Between the Covers This Month”

     “Thirteen Places to Go Before You Don’t Die”

     “Our Indispensable Guide to the Heavenly Bodies That Guide THEIR Heavenly Bodies—and Yours”

Recipes (Unearthly Delights):
     “Angel in the Kitchen: Diabolically Delicious Dishes to Tame His Raging Appetite, by the Barechested Contessa”

     “Killer Cocktails: Potent Potables to Slay Your Dragon, Shake Your Vampire, or Singe Your Angel”

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