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Friday, June 28, 2013

Check Out

     If you are a Kindle owner—or even if you’re not—you might want to take a look at the Kindle Daily Post. Several times a week, Kindle editors post brief essays and author interviews about various book-related subjects. Click HERE to go directly to the most recent post.

     Science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal fiction are frequent topics. Here are some pertinent examples from the month of June 2013. To go directly to one of the following posts, just click on its pink-link title.

Guest-Blogger Lauren Beukes discusses her new novel, The Shining Girls (which is near the top of my to-read shelf). It's the story of a time-travelling serial killer and the single survivor who devotes her life to tracking him down. The U.S. version is currently available in hardback and e-book. The European paperback version is available new and used on, but it's expensive (cheapest copy costs about $17). I'm guessing that a much less expensive U.S. paperback is in the works. Meanwhile, the hardback is available at most libraries. Click HERE to read my review of another of Beukes' novels: Zoo City.

"Vampire, Shifter, or Fairy?" Read descriptions of these three supernatural species and decide which one you’d like to be. This is the question that was posed to the True Blood cast on the live broadcast that preceded this season’s premier.

"Pre-pub Review of Kresley Cole’s MacRieve" (IMMORTALS AFTER DARK SERIES)—due out in hardcover and e-book on 7/2/13. (Click HERE to read my review of the IMMORTALS AFTER DARK SERIES.)

"Fairy-Tale Inspired Romance": A discussion of romance novels that are based on fairy tale tropes.

"Influential Voices of Sci-Fi and Fantasy": A discussion of the forefathers of the genres and some of the modern masters who are carrying on their traditions.

"Authors on Their Favorite Horror Stories": Several horror authors discuss which stories scared them the most.

"Review of Nalini Singh’s Heart of Obsidian" (PSY-CHANGELING SERIES, Book 12)—available now in hardcover and e-book; available 11/26/13 in paperback. (Click HERE to read my review of the PSY-CHANGELING SERIES)

"Q & A with Leigh Bardugo," author of the GRISHA TRILOGY, a fantasy series set in Tsarist Russia during the early nineteenth century. The author describes it as "Tsarpunk."

Also, there's an interesting post from March 2013 entitled "On the Distinction Between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance" I don't agree with everything the author says, but she gets it mostly right. My main problem with her definition is that she intimates that urban fantasy has world-building but that paranormal romance does not. I beg to differ. Take the two paranormal romance series mentioned in this post, for example. Both IMMORTALS AFTER DARK and, especially, PSY-CHANGELING are set in complex alternate worlds. Click HERE to read my own definitions for 21st-century urban fantasy and  for paranormal romance, which I have renamed soul-mate romance (SMR) for reasons explained in the definition.

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