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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RT Book Reviews: Nominees for Reviewers' Choice Best Paranormal Book Awards for 2011

     Here is an excerpt from the RT Book Reviews November E-Mail Newsletter explaining the awards:

     "The winners and nominees are selected by our staff of over 50 reviewers representing the readers' voice in the women's fiction industry. Since it’s the reviewers who are our experts, they select the nominees. The books are selected by each group of reviewers for each category and compiled by the senior reviewers. They all present their case for why a book should be nominated and a list is then narrowed down by the senior reviewer, who then presents the list to the RT office.

     "Some people may wonder why we have so many awards and so many categories as compared to RWA (Romance Writers of America’s RITA Awards). The simple answer is because we have many more books to consider. ALL the books we review in RT, which is well over 3,000 titles in 16 genres, are eligible. Unlike the RWA awards, where the only books considered are the ones that are physically submitted to them, we consider ALL the books reviewed in RT in a given year—a much larger number to choose from. Also for the RITA Awards there’s a fee to submit a book ($40 for members and $80 for non-members) and submissions are closed after they reach a limit of 1,200 books—which means anyone who is late is not eligible. There are no limits to how many books we consider.

     "We feel it’s our responsibility to honor the many outstanding books and authors, because if we don’t, who will? Would the category/series books get much attention elsewhere? How about the plethora of subgenres and e-books, small press and now self-published books? There is no fee to enter and no cap on how many are considered. The only requirement is that the books were reviewed in RT and that our expert reviewers have selected them as the best in their various categories.

     "The winners will be announced at the RT convention in Chicago April 13, 2012, and will also appear in the June issue of RT. Good luck to all of the finalists!"

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     Sometimes I agree with RT Book Reviews as to the the merit of these books, and sometimes I don't. I have reviewed many of these books, and if you'd like to read my reviews, just click on the titles that are highlighted in pink.

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Vampire Romance
Shaedes of Gray, Amanda Bonilla

Shapeshifter Romance
Captive Heart, Anna Windsor
Body of Sin, Eve Silver
Adam, Jacquelyn Frank  
Within the Flames, Marjorie M. Liu
Fate's Edge, Ilona Andrews

A Vampire Christmas Carol, Sarah Gray

Urban Fantasy Novel
Pack of Lies, Laura Anne Gilman
Courting Darkness, Yasmine Galenorn

Paranormal Romantic Suspense
In Too Deep, Jayne Ann Krentz
Skin Heat, Ava Gray
Burning Darkness, Jaime Rush
Hush, Cherry Adair
Cold Touch, Leslie Parrish
Delaney's Shadow, Ingrid Weaver

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